Yasmine Drops is a leading business in the Natural Handmade products for hair ,Face & body & Perfumes industry

handmade natural products for hair,face & body free of preservative environmental friend

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OUR Purpose & principle

- Educate the customer to use hair & skin care products & perfumes with 100% natural ingredient to keep their hair & skin away from the harmful of the chemicals and preservative. - Everyone has the right to be beautiful, has a wonderful look by taking care of his outlook with a natural ingredients, Nature can gives us beauty , care and love but when we use it’s pure products (like fresh fruits , vegetables , & plants)

What Our Clients Say

ِAlot of customers rely on our services. See what they have to say.

Yasmeenhisham Mohamed


" بجد المنتجات تحفة والخامات نظيفة واصلية والزيوت المعطرة ثابتة فى الجسم وتعطى رائحة تحفة والمنتجات كلها بصراحة روعة وامان لانها خامات طبيعية لا تضر"

Mona Rohim


“ حلى زيوت طبيعيه جربتها بجد ربنا يوفقك بحس بفرق على طول واحلى علاج للهالات السوداء والله بتفتح بعد يوم واحد من الاستخدام "

Ahmed Fekry


" منتجات طبيعيه بجوده عاليه... استمرو ا"

Shereen Mahmoud


"منتجات ممتازة.. وتعامل راقي”

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